I’ve been thinking about making this blog for quite a while. About 8 months in fact. I must admit I’ve been a tad lazy, I thought of this idea in January this year (2018). “I’d better start soon”, I thought. “Then I can have most of the posts written up before this blog goes live”. However, today as I’m writing this, it is the 12th August 2018. Not long to go before the ‘Go Live’ date, which will of course be 5th September 2018. Exactly 10 years since the day I was told that I had a cancerous brain tumour. I knew that I would never forget the date 05/09/2008, and I never have.  “I’ve got to do something to mark the 10 year point”, I thought to myself at the beginning of this year. “So what am I good at and what would I enjoy doing”? A lot of people would do a massive marathon or jump out of a plane or something, I thought about doing something like this, then I thought, “no that’s not me”. I’ve always wanted to do things differently than the norm (and from this blog you’ll see that has definitely been the case!), so I thought, I know! I could write a blog. I’ve done so in the past, but none of them have been about myself. I’ve never found it easy to talk about myself, especially about my cancer experience. Sure I can tell you what happened, I can give you the facts face to face, but I’ve never felt like I’ve expressed my true feelings about it all.

The true aim of this blog is to let you know what happened and what it was like. Some of you may already know some of the stuff that I will write on here, some of you may have been to shy or scared to ask me, which is exactly why I’ve done this, to get rid of that awkwardness and to tell the true story of my cancer experience. This is also for the people that I don’t know, who may be going through cancer themselves, or know someone who is. It’s to show you that there are positive sides to cancer and although they’re sometimes hard to find, they are there and if you’re determined enough to find them, you will!

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