After the Biopsy

When I got wheeled back to the room in the hospital, in which I would stay the night, it was weird. I still felt tired and groggy, but I knew I was ok because my Mum was there with me. She had kindly said that she would stay with me the whole time. I was an extremely shy girl at this time and was scared of people I didn’t know, so knowing that my Mum was going to be there helped a lot.

The biopsy had proved that my brain tumour had cancer and that it couldn’t be removed, due to it being too deep inside my brain. After the biopsy, my left arm got worse, I now had severe pain in my left shoulder and the only way to relieve it was to lie on my left side. I couldn’t walk either, totally off balance and whenever my Mum took me to the toilet, she had to support my across the room to the bathroom, most of the time I was doing this with my eyes closed because I was so tired. I could hardly speak, I sounded like a drunk a lot of the time, slurring out words and it was horrible, I just didn’t feel like myself.

I don’t remember the time spent in hospital after my biopsy really, I was so knocked out after the operation and I just wanted to close my eyes and go to sleep. I had developed a urine infection during the operation so it constantly felt like I needed the loo. My Mum didn’t get much sleep that night due to me forever waking up her up thinking that I needed to wee. Also she was on the most uncomfortable bed. It was like one of those beds that you get in a doctors office, really thin and really hard, she felt like she was going to fall off at the smallest movement, also I think she was worried about me, wanting to check that I was ok and I was so grateful that she was there.

I was there for three days in total. In my mind I was back home the next day but that wasn’t how it was. My Grandparents came to visit and so did my Mum’s friend Alison, who bought me a toy dog, which when you squeeze it says, ‘Get well soon Lucy’, I still have that! I think my Mum was amazing for staying with me all that time, bless her there was probably a million and one things  that she would rather have been doing, even if it was just putting on the washing at home, but she stayed by my side and looked after me.

I slept a lot over the next few days, but I remember the day we finally left. I was wheeled out of the hospital and this time I felt ok about using a wheelchair, because there wasn’t any way in which I could have walked out. My Mum helped me into the back of my Dad’s car. She was annoyed that he hadn’t brought her car, as it was a lot bigger and would have had more room for me to lie down in the back, but my Dad claimed that he didn’t like driving that car and that this would have to do. My Mum watched me all the way home and when we got there, helped me up the stairs to her room.

My Dad had been kicked out of that room, so that Mum could be in the same room as me to look after me in the night. They had single beds so it worked out quite well for that situation. It was nice to be back home but all I wanted to do was sleep. I had been given medication to take, including morphine to attempt to relieve the pain in my left shoulder. I found it hard to sit up as then the pain would get worse and it was unbearable. The only way to calm it down was to constantly lie on my left side, so I did.

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