Radiotherapy Day 2

After the disaster of day one of my radiotherapy treatment I was determined that my 2nd day would go a lot better. We got up and got into the car again and drove up to the Royal Marsden. This time however we had supplies. My Mum had overnight come up with an idea of surrounding my left arm with scatter cushions taken from our sofas, so that whilst I was sitting in my wheelchair I would have something to support my left arm to make it stop hurting so much.

We walked into the hospital again into the radiotherapy waiting area and Mum helped to arrange the cushions so that I was as comfy as I could be. My arm was still really hurting but I was determined to make today a successful one. Having seen my Mum get so upset the day before, I really didn’t want to let her down again. My arm was hurting really badly and again I was stomping my right foot on the foot rest of the wheelchair, letting out my frustrations. Luckily this time we didn’t have to wait as long, the nurses had learnt from the day before that the longer I was sitting upright, the worse the pain would get and it was best to go in and get it over and done with. We were called into the radiotherapy room.

In we went and up I got onto the table lying down on my back. My Mum again put cushions and hoodies underneath and around my left arm to try and keep it as still as possible, whilst I tried my best to control it. My right leg started stomping again as my left arm still hurt quite a bit. My mind was telling me that this wasn’t going to work, these cushions and hoodies weren’t helping in anyway. I eventually managed to calm down and told the nurses that I was ready, I knew I had to complete this today.

The nurses set up the machine and disappeared into the control room to commence my scan. My arm was hurting really badly but I grimaced through it and was so relived when the nurses walked back into the room to say that it was all over. My right foot immediately started to stamp again and my Mum hugged me tight and told me how proud she was of me. I was then told that I could not miss another day for the next six weeks, if I had an interruption in the radiotherapy process it may mess up the treatment and would not work as well. I left the hospital that day determined to make it through the next six weeks.

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