The rest of radiotherapy Part 1

After a few goes of radiotherapy, me and Mum got ourselves into a sort of routine. We would wake up in the morning and once my Dad had left for work and my brother had gone off to school, Mum would help me get up and once I was ready to do so, she’d help me stumble down the stairs. My grandpa had very kindly put up another banister for me to cling on to (so that my Mum didn’t have to cling on to me!) Going up the stairs was fine, the original banister was on my right side so I could hold onto it with my right hand, but coming down the stairs the banister was now on my left side. With my wobbly left hand, I couldn’t really hold on to it and seeing as I was quite wobbly on my feet too it was a tad dangerous it wasn’t something I could do by myself. With the added banister on the right side I was able to walk downstairs more confidentially.
Once downstairs, my Mum would help me walk through to our conservatory and in there I would lie down on the sofa and await breakfast. At this time, I couldn’t really eat meals properly. To start off with, my Mum literally had to spoon feed me whilst I was lying down, with my eyes half shut. I eventually managed to sit up to eat but it was always very rushed, as I was literally begging to be lying down again to ease the pain. In the morning I never really felt like eating anything, the only thing I would eat were the cakes that my Grandma baked for me continuously throughout my cancer treatment. My Grandma has always been the best baker I know and I’ve always loved her cakes, so whether it was a cherry bun, a slice of lemon drizzle, a chocolate brownie or all three, that would be my breakfast!
After breakfast I would take the pills I had been prescribed, which included Codeine and Morphine, to help calm down the pain in my left arm. I sometimes got a bit ‘high’ on the morphine and would be very jolly after taking them, but they also made me very sleepy.
We had to go up to the Royal Marsden Monday to Friday, so that I could have my radiotherapy session and also to see doctors, have a physiotherapy session or to have a blood test etc. With me falling asleep most of the time, my Mum needed someone by her side. Mum was the greatest support to me, but she needed support too. Luckily, she has some great friends who used to join us once a week on our trip to the hospital. They covered 3 days and my Dad and Grandparents covered the other two.
On the journey up to the hospital, my Mum would drive the car, I think it gave her a bit of a distraction and whoever was our accomplice on that day would join her in the passenger seat. I was in the back lying across the seats. In the first few weeks, I slept the whole way. I then started to notice that I was awake more during the journey and then finally, towards the end of my radiotherapy treatment, I was able to sit up and see the route which we had been taking the last however many weeks. Very near the end of my radiotherapy, me and Mum decided we would do the day alone. By then we’d gotten so used to our routine that we felt confident enough to do so. I was finally back to sitting in the front of the car and with my Mum by my side and I knew that everything was going to be ok.

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