Learning to walk again Part 2

Physiotherapy played a huge part in getting me up and walking again, but I knew that part of it came from within myself too. I used to find it so so frustrating that I wasn’t able to get up and even just walk across to the other side of the room to get something. It was literally as if I was tied to the sofa and I almost felt as if I was an old woman, bed bound.

I hated not being able to move, I remember waking up in the morning in my Mum’s room. I could hear the commotion downstairs of my Mum getting my brother ready for school, I wanted to be down there with them but instead I was tied to the bed, waiting for my Mum to come and get me. Opposite my bed there was this picture, I grew to hate this picture and I still do as it reminds me of these times. I studied every inch of that picture, just too make time go faster, as sitting doing nothing was pretty boring.

This is zed picture, now sitting at the top of the stairs in our new house.
This frustration surely helped move me on. The part I hated the most was during the night when I couldn’t get up to take myself to the loo. I had to wake my Mum up every time so that she could help me. I used to feel so terrible about doing this. My Mum was probably just as exhausted as I was, going up and down to the hospital every day, whilst still trying to look after the house and do all the daily chores. I felt terrible for waking her up from her sleep and I knew it would probably take her a while to get off again, having lots of thoughts going through her head. One night I just couldn’t get to sleep myself and started to think about this situation. I thought that if I could get myself out of bed, I could then hold onto the side of the bed and walk towards that chest of drawers, holding onto that I could then grab on to the wardrobe and make my way into the en-suite bathroom where I could hold onto the walls and sit myself down on the loo. ‘I’ve cracked it’, I thought. ‘This is great I’ll never have to wake Mum up again’.

The next morning I explained my plan to Mum. At first she was a bit apprehensive and was worried that I’d fall in the night and that she wouldn’t know anything about it. I said that I would show her that I could do it there and then, which I did, but Mum was still worried, so she said that I could do it, but I would still have to wake her up so that she would be aware if I did fall.

After about a week of showing Mum that I was able to do it by myself, she finally agreed that I wouldn’t have to wake her up and I was so pleased that I wouldn’t have to wake her. Although I’m sure that sometimes she naturally woke up whenever I did and she still watched me, just to make sure!

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