What do you do when you’re ill? You take some medicine and make it all better. Unfortunately treating cancer isn’t as easy as that. You can’t take a few tablets for a few days and be done with it. It’s more of a constant reel of treatment to try and attack the disease within you and well it attacks a bit of you too.

As well as the radiotherapy and chemo (we’ll come to that in another post) that I had, there were also several pills I had to take, steroids, anti-sickness, morphine, codeine etc! Luckily I had a very on the ball Mum who sorted it all out and reminded me to take what I had to and when.

It wasn’t nice taking all these pills all the time, I remember in the early days times when I was just wanted to close my eyes and drift off but instead had to sit up to take yet another tablet. However this wasn’t as bad as having to go and collect them.

As you can imagine the queue at a hospital pharmacy is bloody long! Me and Mum would go and put our request in to get the tablets and would sometimes have to wait over an hour to collect them. In the early days this wasn’t great and it was more time sat upright in my wheelchair. With nothing to do but sit and stare at the people around me I got bored very quickly and couldn’t think about anything else but the pain in my left arm, cue the foot stamp!

However, Mum came up with a great plan. Instead of going to put my prescription in at the end of the day and waiting ages to get it, we’d put it in at the beginning of the day, go off and do whatever I had to do, then come back pick up the medicines straight away (most of the time, sometimes we still had to wait!) and go home.

There’s still medicines I have to take today and will for the rest of my life. Every night I have to inject myself with Growth Hormone as due to the tumour, the hormone centre in my brain no longer produces it naturally. Growth hormone is used mainly when you’re a child, to help you grow. However, the brain still produces it in adult life, to keep you healthy and to keep your immune system strong. It’s not the nicest thing to do, but if it keeps me healthy I will keep on doing so.

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