Chemotherapy Part 2

Chemotherapy was a tough treatment to have. Having thought that radiotherapy was tough enough, I realised that that was easy peasy compared to the chemo treatment I was currently going through.

Every chemotherapy treatment would last for one week in every four. During the week in which I was taking the chemo treatment I felt terrible, constantly feeling sick especially at the time when I was about to take the tablets. Luckily, I had stopped throwing up after taking the tablets, as the hospital gave me some anti-sickness tablets to take. This didn’t stop me feeling sick though. Just the sound of my Mum popping the tablets through the foil packaging and putting them into an egg cup for me to take caused nausea. The tablets were really big, the feel of them in my mouth made me feel sick and I used to gag and wretch every time I placed one in my mouth. I knew I wasn’t going to be sick but it certainly felt as if I was going to be.

Week one, let’s call it, when I would be taking the chemotherapy was terrible, I used to dread it every time it approached. I remember sitting on the edge of the bath, brushing my teeth with tears rolling down my cheeks in the anticipation of having to then go into the bedroom to take the tablets before I went to sleep. I always used to half wish that my Mum would forget to give me the tablets so I wouldn’t have to go that horrible feeling once again. Mum however, was always on the ball and had everything set up and ready, which I’m glad of really as the chemo helped in my recovery.

During week one I would hit rock bottom. I would feel unwell for the whole week, tired as well and would feel awful. Through weeks two and three, I started to feel better as I was no longer taking the chemo tablets. By week four I was my true self again. Week fours were the best, I had to energy to get up and walk around and could feel like a normal person again. However, this high point was soon cut off when I fell back down to week one again, for my next dose of chemo. It was really depressing to suddenly go from such a high to such a low. I started to achieve things in my week fours only to be knocked back down to a place where I could pretty much do nothing. I couldn’t wait for these 6 months to be over so I could finally go into week five, six, seven and continue my well being.


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