What happens next?

Whilst I was going through Chemotherapy round 2, I was asked to go to the Royal Marsden to meet the school nurse. I hadn’t done any education whilst going through my cancer treatment, as to start off with, I wouldn’t have even been able to sit at a desk let alone do any work on it! Plus, my parents were adamant that I focused on getting better rather than focusing on my education. I was halfway through college when I was diagnosed so it wasn’t as if I’d missed a whole year of school, college was I guess easier to return to than school would have been.

I remember walking into the school room, kind of feeling guilty that I hadn’t kept up with my studies although I knew I wouldn’t have been able to keep up with most of it anyway as the subjects I was doing couldn’t really be taught in a hospital due to them not having the right equipment. For example, P.E, I couldn’t have run around doing sporty stuff anyway, being in a wheelchair!

The school nurse sat me down at one of the tables. I half expected her to produce a maths test or something to test my knowledge. Luckily, she didn’t, she just asked me what I wanted to do now my treatment was close to finishing, did I want to go back to college?
I said yes, I did, but I was worried about going back to do the same subjects. My results hadn’t been exactly top notch after my first year of college, I had got C, D, D & E in Media, Music, Music Technology and P.E. I also knew I probably wouldn’t do so well in the second year, because my fitness had gone from being great to absolutely rubbish and also, I couldn’t really play any instruments anymore. Although my left arm was in better condition than it had been, it was still wobbly and I have a lack of dexterity in my left hand.

I was also asked what I wanted to do for work one day. I’d never really known what I wanted to do for work, I’d never really found my niche as such. I mentioned that I was interested in music and writing, two passions which I had always had. The school nurse suggested that I try and get some work experience, she said that she would talk with the hospital radio station to see if I could visit and see how it all worked. I wasn’t feeling too enthusiastic about it at the time as I thought it would be a bit lame but I said ‘ok yea go for it’.

The school nurse said she would talk to my college about me returning and would set up a meeting to go and talk about what I wanted to do. At the time it all seemed a bit too soon to be talking about this as I still hadn’t finished my treatment, but I thought well let’s see what happens.


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