Finishing Chemotherapy

Finally! It was my last go at chemotherapy, well I hoped so at least. The last time I thought it was the last time I was told I would have to do another six months of it. I really was hoping and praying that this time would be the last time.

Since I had already started college before my last week of chemotherapy, I had taken the week off, knowing that I’d quickly go back down to zero after taking the first tablet, I knew I wouldn’t be able to cope with getting up and going to college as well.

I can still remember my last night of taking those horrible tablets. Feeling excited that this was going to be my last lot but also the feeling of wanting to be sick and just that horrible feeling of not wanting to take the tablets.

Once I had started taking the anti-sickness tablets, I had stopped being sick after taking the chemotherapy, however on the last night of doing so, just to finish it all off I was sick once again! I remember swallowing that last horrible tablet and being so relieved that it was all over, I then felt a churn in my stomach and I think you can guess what happened next!

But it was all over, hopefully anyway. I had a hospital appointment to have an MRI scan the week after to make sure the chemotherapy had done its job.


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