End of Treatment

After that MRI Scan, I had an appointment to meet with Sucheta, to talk about how the second round of chemotherapy had gone and what would come next.

As you can imagine, I was feeling quite nervous. Had the chemotherapy done its job? Would I have to more of it? Also, what comes next?

Me and Mum went into Sucheta’s office and she started to talk, she said that the chemotherapy had gone well again and that the scan now showed that all cancer had been removed from the tumour in my brain. GREAT! I thought. She said that the tumour had shrunk a bit but was still there. They still couldn’t remove it because of it’s position but the fact that it was now cancer free meant everything was good.

The grin that appeared on my face straight after being told this, was probably the biggest grin I’d ever made! ‘Yes!’ I thought, ‘I can now get back to normal, it’s only up from here, no more downers from chemotherapy or radiotherapy, no more hospital visits (well not daily ones at least!), no more rubbish and no more feeling crap!’

My left arm was still wobbly at this point, due to the tumour still being in my brain but looking back at how I was at the very beginning of my treatment I could see that I had come a long way and had much more to come!


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