GOSH stands for Great Ormand Street Hospital and about 6 months after I ended my treatment, I made a visit there.

Mum had read an article in the paper about someone a similar age to myself who had a brain tumour and was told that it would not be able to be removed. However, a certain surgeon in America used cyber knife technology to do so with great success.

Mum read the article to me and told me that she had contacted the secretary of this surgeon and that we would be going to see him next week. ‘Wow!’ I thought, ‘We’re going to America! I wonder if we’ll get in a trip to Disneyworld too!’ Mum soon cut that dream short when she told me that he had recently moved to work at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London to work. ‘Dam!’ I thought.

So, the next week myself, Mum and Dad travelled up to GOSH, we had taken a copy of my latest scan for the surgeon to look at with us and sat in the waiting room to wait to see him.

We were called in and we told the surgeon about my situation, that even after the biopsy I couldn’t walk and could hardly talk. The surgeon looked at my scans and came to the conclusion that even with using the latest technology, he wouldn’t want to risk doing the surgery.

‘Anybody sensible wouldn’t touch you’, he said. Charming! I thought. He explained that if he attempted to do the operation there would be a 98% chance of me coming out of it either completely paralysed or dead. Fair enough, I thought. It was decided that the tumour would be left alone, the fact that it was no longer riddled with cancer, it wasn’t really doing me any harm anymore, apart from the lack of dexterity in my left hand. I thought, well, I can live with that a lot better than I’ll be able to live being completely paralysed, so yea, let’s not make things worse!

So, until someone finds a way to extract tumours without causing any damage at all, it’s staying for now!

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