I’ve already written a post about how my lovely friends helped me through cancer and of course now I must thank my family too!

My whole family were great through my cancer experience, giving me support all the way through and so thank you to all of you for doing that. There are however, a few people I’d like to thank personally.

Firstly my Grandma & Grandpa or Gma & Gpa as I call them now! You were such a great support to me and did everything that you could to help out.

Grandpa thank you for making the extra banister for our staircase, to help me get up the stairs without the fear of falling over. It made such a difference to my life at that time and brought back a bit of my own independence. Thank you also for helping Mum to get me out of the car into my wheelchair and pushing me along in it!

Grandma I could not have survived without your yummy cakes! When you’re going through cancer treatment, you sometimes don’t really want to eat what you really should be eating. Coming downstairs each morning, knowing I would be soon eating one of your cakes was great! As I’ve always said you are the best cake maker I’ve ever known and you did not fail in providing me with some yummy goodness. You kept baking and baking and I never ran out of those scrumptious cakes, they would get me ready for whatever that day would hold!

Lastly to both of you, thank you for being a support to Mum too, helping her out with shopping and cleaning too. They may seem like little things but they helped a lot. Thank you for just being there, giving us hugs and kisses and letting us know that everything would be alright!

Moving on to my little brother Tom. Your life was turned upside down after my diagnosis too. I took up all of Mum’s attention, she wasn’t there anymore when you came home from school and bless you, you grew up so much during my cancer treatment, cooking your own meals and helping Mum with keeping the house tidy, you were a true superstar! Thank you also for lending me your DVD collection, it kept me entertained when I was stuck in bed or on the sofa. I still remember the day when you came up to the hospital with me and Mum during half term. You were having lots of fun pushing me around in my wheelchair and I remember you running me up that long corridor to radiotherapy, you put a smile on my face that day and I will never forget that!

Finally Mum, what a superstar you are too. You were there every minute, every second from the very beginning to well you’re still here for me now and there’s no words that can express how grateful I am for all your support. You gave up your life for me, pushed everything aside so that you could be there. Whether it was waking up in the night to help me to the bathroom or driving me up to the hospital every day, I cannot thank you enough. I could not have got through it without you, every hug, every time you held my hand to reassure me helped me get through those terrible days. We cried a lot but we also laughed, you helped me to see a positive side of what was happening and you spurred me on to get to that finish line. I know you’ll be there for me for the rest of my life. All I can say is ‘wuv you Mama!’

Family are really important when you’re going through cancer, not only to support you but those closest to you, through a terrible time. Whatever they do, may it be big or small it will all help you get through a terrible time and get you out the other side.

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