Backstage at the Royal Albert Hall Part 2

In 2011 I was invited once again to a music workshop at the Royal Albert Hall, it is very rare that you are invited to these things more than once so I felt extremely lucky to be asked along again. John (the Royal Marsden TCT representative) knew how much I loved comedy so it was lovely for him to invite me along to the comedy night once again!

To start off with it was pretty much the same as the year before. This year I opted for the guitar and all of us teenagers created another song together. Unfortunately, this time none of my favourite comedians came into the workshop but we all had fun anyway!

After the workshop were were taken to Green Room, where a couple of the comedians were. John Bishop talked to us all and then we were taken to our seats. I had brought Tom along with me again and we watched a fabulous show. Mum and Dad were in the audience as well, but this year we had chosen to sit with the TCT gang. The year before we didn’t know we were going to get free tickets so we had bought some for me and Tom. Oh well we thought, more money for TCT!

After the show we were told to go to the green room again. Me, Tom and couple of others were first to arrive at the green room door. None of the TCT peeps had come with us. We all looked at each other wondering if we were allowed in yet. The door was solid wood so we couldn’t see into the room. I thought fuck it! and said “let’s just open the door, people might be in there already”. Everyone else was a bit unsure and as I went to push the door open, someone pulled in open from the other side, it was Larry Lamb! “I thought I heard voices!” he said, “Come in, come in you don’t have to wait out there!” Larry Lamb was lovely, asking us all if we would like anything to drink and whether we had enjoyed the show.

Me and Larry

Tom and Larry
We joked after this photo was taken, saying that Tom looked a bit like he is Larry’s son!             (It’s the glasses!)

We went around the room talking to everyone. When we went up to Greg Davies to ask for a photo he kindly said yes. I went first, whilst Tom took the photo. Tom was taking ages to take the photo and started laughing nervously. “What?” I asked. Tom looked at Greg but didn’t say anything. I immediately looked up at Greg and saw that he was giving me that Mr. Gilbert frown. “What?” I said. “You’re crouching”, Greg said. “No, I’m not!” I replied. “Yes, you are!” said Greg. I thought for a second and then realised that I was! It’s something that I usually do without noticing as I am normally the tallest in photos with my friends and family, but standing next to a 6’8″ Greg Davies I had no need to do this at all! Oh no! I thought as he didn’t look too happy. I apologised and we took the photo. It was then Tom’s turn for a photo with Greg and being taller than me Greg pointed out that Tom didn’t seem to have the need to crouch. We all ended up laughing about it in the end and this was the result of the photos!

Me and Greg
Greg’s the one crouching in this photo!

Tom and Greg

We then went on to have a few more photos….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After which we had the traditional group photo


I felt really small standing in front of Miranda Hart and Greg Davies! I did remember not to crouch this time though! Jason Manford was also meant to be in this photo, but remembering me from the year before, he said “I’m not having a photo with her, she made me look short last year”. I then mentioned that I wasn’t the tallest in the photo and that I was standing in front of Miranda and Greg, but Jason still wouldn’t join in. Greg then went on to tell Jason about how I crouched in my photo with him.

It was another great night at the Royal Albert Hall, many memories were made and I am so thankful to the Teenage Cancer Trust for allowing me and Tom to go backstage at these great concerts, it’s something which I will never forget!

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